After complaining for weeks that she was a blog widow, Annie is now online and has a blog of her own. She's a writer and she hasn't written in ages so I persuaded her that blogging would be a way to capture the muse again. She has also seen the response I have had on my other blog and the community that I am building around it and it has been intriguing her.

It helped that as she was starting on the blog journey, she came across the Wandering Scribe, the blog of a homeless woman in the UK and she found herself reading post after post of this woman's journey from respectability to living in her car and how she has been trying to maintain her dignity during these last few months. The possibilities of sharing in other's lives and sharing one's own is one the wonders of blogging. And Annie is now hooked.

She says, though, that this is how it happens with junkies. You hook up with a junkie and you think you're in love. And the junkie tempts you to join in the addiction – just one shot, one spliff, one taste, one try, one blog. And then you're in and hooked and trapped…